Friday, 10 June 2016

New Products!xox

Hi guys for todays post i have a new products thing... to show you they are just glin to be some of my brand new fav products so lets get started. P.S all of these images are not mine if they are i will obviously let you know.

The first thing is the M.A.C pro long wear concealer in NC15 which i believe is the lightest shade you can get. dont count on me though I could possibly be wrong.
Image result for m.a.c pro long wear concealeri really enjoy using this cocealor because it isnt drying on my skin like it is on others,it has a great consistantsy, when i am blending it under my eyes and all of my problem areas it blends really nicely i use a precision beauty blender from H&M(£1.99).

Another product i am really enjoying is the Zoella tutti frutti range. i am specially drawn to the scrubbing me softly and the candy cream these two products are soooo nice i can not rave about these enough! sing the scrubbing me softly is the best scrub i will use, it doest tug at my skin it exfoliates it with out hurting and being tough on my skin. the candy cream body lotion is so nice i love how thicke it is you only need a little bit and it will go a long way! Another thing is the tutti frutti range smell sooo nice i can not wait to explore her new products "sweet inspirations".

this product i am about to mention is something you may all have smelt or used and if not you HAVE to it is the best thing i have ever used on my skin,it is the comforter by luch cosmetics which i am sure you have all heard off! this product has been my favourite for nearly 2 years. it has great oils and essentails in it which does wonders for your skin. if i may also add the scent smells like blackcurrent sweets which i am not really a fan of but this i am! i re-purchase this almost EVERYTIME i go to lush.
thats it for todays post i hope you enjoyed it and if you do want me to do this as a monthly favourites i will this was just a few things i have enjoyed not all but let me know where ever if you want to see this again
thank you for reading 
bye bye,
sylvie xox


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