Wednesday, 2 December 2015

beauty tips you might not of even known....

hey guys i hope you are all doing well this very cold day! so today i thought of something and i want to do a makeup beauty tips and hacks. But what the twist i thought of is that maybe i would do this a s a series! so i am going to try it today and if you like it then let me know on twitter and instagram!!!

i found some off these hacks on pinterest

beauty hack no.1-

Mascara Mistake? 
Got mascara all over the eye look you just perfected. You can use a pencil eraser on the mess-ups and they should disappear easily. 

Mascara Mistake?   if you would like to try this go ahead i think it works<3
 beauty hack no,2-
blemishes go go go,
getting that  awful spot covered up by just using 3 simple make up products!
make sure you layer your spot by taking a small brush (maybe a eyeshadow brush making sure its clean) and put foundation on it then concealer to make it look alot more covered up and then to finish it with a bit of powder.

thats it for today. dont forget to check out Zoellas #24DaysOfZoella i will be posting the video everyday asap !

hope you enjoyed if you did then let me know in the comments 
bye bye!
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